"One War at a Time"

Despite the fact that those bastardly bloody backs burnt our capital to a cinder in 1814, I classify myself as an Anglophile.  As Americans we owe a great debt to Great Britain - our system of law, our governance, our literary heritage etc. have all been profoundly (and beneficially) impacted by our former mother country.  This being said, I’m still glad we gave them the flick back in 1776.  I’m also glad we didn’t go to war with them again in 1861.

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Battle Cry of Freedom kicked my butt

I just finished reading James McPherson's magisterial, Battle Cry of Freedom, arguably the greatest single volume treatment of the Civil War ever written.  As I write these lines, I sit aboard an airplane bound from Dallas to DC, and Battle Cry rests on the seat beside me.  My eyes are bloodshot, and my mind is foggy - the book has done its work. The journey of reading this 909 page behemoth began long ago...

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Civil War Adventure Weekend, Part I

As we draw ever closer to the launch date for the book, I find myself scrambling to accomplish an ever growing to-do list.  Whether it’s working on the glossary, finding interesting images or recording audio clips there’s always something to busy your hands with.  Sometimes the process can exhaust, but other times it can exhilarate.

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Manuscript Done. Horizons Expanded.

I haven't put up a blog post in a few weeks, but that's because I've been rather monomaniac in my focus to finish the book manuscript.  Now that book manuscript is done!  A major hurdle has been cleared.  Watch me as I drone on about the experience...

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Sunday Night Rocked

This past Sunday I was privileged to lead the discussion for Wandering Minds inaugural event.  It was a ton of fun, and I'm confident that a good time was had by all.  Needless to say that I was both amazed and pleased that so many people came out for an evening of Civil War centric banter!  

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We Did It!

There are so many people that our team needs to reach out to personally in the coming days to offer personal words of thanks...but here's something for all of you!  Thank you so much!