Welcome to Civil War Battlefield Tours.

From the banks of the Mississippi, to the fertile farm country of the Shenandoah Valley, the Civil War swept across the American landscape during four long years of bitter conflict.  It is a story of not just men and maneuvers, but of national tragedy and transformation.  It is a uniquely American story, and remains an enduring moment in our shared history.  

Civil War Battlefield Tours would be honored to share that story with you.    

1st Manassas Battlefield - Henry Hill (Photo by James Mazzella) 


Follow our tour guides on a journey of discovery upon this hallowed ground through tours which are tailored to your specifications.  Tell us where you want to go, what you desire to see, and when you wish to depart.  Our tour guides will be there to accompany and inform you.

E-History Time Machines

Download one of our fully interactive E-History Time Machines onto your iPad and take your own journey into Civil War history using this cutting edge tool.  Whether you bring our Time Machine with you for an outdoor adventure, or enjoy a journey from the comfort of your own home, an immersive Civil War experience is always within reach.